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Dinner Specials

Featured Wine

Line 39 Sauvignon Blanc

Vibrant aromas of grapefruit & lemon citrus w/subtle grassy characters


Manhattan Clam Chowder

Cup 4 Bowl 6


Flash Fried Peppercorn Shrimp  10

served over garlic crostini


Broiled 1 1/2 pound Lobster  21  crabmeat stuffed  26

Pot Roast w/Mashed Potato & Vegetable   17

Pasta Special  17

Rigatoni tossed w/chicken, mushrooms, olives w/ala vodka sauce



House Made Pistachio Ice Cream 6

New York Style Cheesecake  7

House Made Peach Cobbler  6

Chocolate Torte  7

Lunch Specials


Manhattan Clam Chowder

Cup 4 Bowl 6


Stuffed Pepper w/House Salad  9

Kale Salad topped w/Corona Poached Scallops   13

Grilled 3 cheese Wrap w/Bacon & Tomato  9


Stuffed Fried Dough w/Banana & Milk Chocolate 7

House Made Pistachio Ice Cream 6

Cheesecake  7

Chocolate Mousse Cake  7

Peach cobbler  6


New Artist Showcase – Rich Morris

The Star Symbolist paintings of Rich Morris – Now showing at Ecce Terra

In each of Rich Morris’ paintings, figures blend with the movement of stars and nebulous clouds.  His work, inspired by deep space astrophotography, conveys a message of hope.  The paintings symbolize the eternal nature of the human spirit as it transcends time and space.

Rich has been painting all of his life and is a 1978 graduate of SUNY New Paltz.  His art has been shown throughout the Hudson Valley.

Visit Ecce Terra and see Rich’s work displayed.


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